Marc Andreu

I have been a front end, backend and quality testing software engineer now I am following the path towards cybersecurity.


I am a husband, father of two formidable boys and a technologist geek in my free time.

I have been professionally working as a Software Engineer since 2004. I have started as a web developer. Since then, I have narrowed my specialisation from a general front and back-end developer toward quality assurance and automation testing. Lately, I have refined my discipline within the fascinating application security testing field.

In all those years, I have had the chance to learn a lot from legacy code solutions. In addition, I have seen the pains and overwhelming costs of bad coding practices. As a result, I now have a practical sense of software quality that can only proceed from working with many repositories in different programming languages.

I have worked professionally in various sectors like banking, ticketing systems, mobile applications, online gaming, retail websites and more. At home, I have been hacking a wide range of electronics, integration systems, communication protocols, and more high-end user development and testing frameworks whenever I have free time.

I have also had the chance to train many colleagues along the way. I like teaching and collaborating to get things done in a simple, straightforward and efficient manner. If something is complicated, it is probably not worthy. During this journey, I have been fortunate to work with some of the best specialists in the industry, with which some I still keep close personal and professional contact.

I thrive working directly with business owners, clients and managers who care about the end-user experience. This mindset is something I have years of experience in. Hence I understand the value of defining a vision into an actionable roadmap and its features.

Fixing problems to multiply value is my mission. That’s why I generate solutions.

I define myself as an enthusiastic, introverted , slow thinker and out of the box by nature.